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ホーム / 特集 / FantasticFujigoko / 富士登山は大騒ぎさ / James Hough

(James Hough)
ジェームス ヒュー


James Hough

Fuji-san the whole climb seemed to be pretty brutal, but I also think I went about it all wrong I wanted to get to top as fast as I could and had been told that it is an easy climb. It is not, and I felt like I was punished by the mountain for trying to conquer it. The cold was brutal I had expected shelter, warmth, cold beers and a nap none of which I received my expectations crushed, no party at the top, the wind, etc.
All made the sunrise that much more beautiful.

ホーム / 特集 / FantasticFujigoko / 富士登山は大騒ぎさ / James Hough

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