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ホーム / 特集 / FantasticFujigoko / 富士登山は大騒ぎさ / Chris Zeitvogel

(Chris Zeitvogel)





Christopher Zeitvogel

After living in Fujiyoshida for three years, I found myself coming to sort of worship Mt Fuji myself, just as many Japanese people do. 
I found myself longing to climb her every summer, and spend time on her slopes hiking and biking. Even windsurfing on Lake Motosuko I was always awed by the sight of Mt Fuji!
So one thing that never understood is why there is an artillery range on the very slopes of sacred Mt Fuji. Of course, no one wants an artillery range near their house, but it seems particularly strange that artillery is fired right at the sacred symbol of Japan.
I was also dismayed that every time I went up Mt Fuji I would see so much garbage dumped on the mountain. Why do people drive to the woods on Mt fuji to dump their garbage when you can recycle your 
cans and bottles at any and every COMBINI...?
I enjoy very much bicycling down the Subaru Line....but the very existence of the Subaru Line means that most 'climbers' of Mt Fuji cheat themselves out of half the mountain. Hiking from Fuji Sengen Jinja one encounters all the natural zones of Mt Fuji......Someone hiking only from the fifth station does not really know the mountain...but I guess that it all keeps bus and taxi drivers employed.......

ホーム / 特集 / FantasticFujigoko / 富士登山は大騒ぎさ / Chris Zeitvogel

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